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V3 Submersible Pump Sets Single Phase

Product Features

  • Wide range of pumps for appropriate selection as per requirement.
  • Options are avaiable for different pipe sizes in each rating to satisfy indidual's need.
  • Fully Stainless steel shaft hence no chance of corrosion.
  • Very low maintenance due to high quality carbon Vs steel combinationof thrust bearing with leaded tin bronze made bush bearing.
  • Shaft & bushes are having mirror surface finish achieved by auto burnishing machine for very long life
  • Options are avaiable for high head or high discharge in each rating ti fulfill various needs.
  • Suitable in wide voltage variation with greater performance even in low voltage.
  • Stampings are used of high quality electric grade for better efficiency.
  • Winding wire with high quality insulation to avoid chance of winding burn even in low or high voltage working.
  • Whole range is with EC grade Copper brazed rotor having chrome plating for years of trouble free commissioning.
  • . All fastness are used of stainless steel only for easy maintenance & very long life.
  • Easily rewind able motor and fast maintenance with easily interchangeable spare parts.
  • Higher efficiency which gives result into high water discharge at low power consumption
  • Diffuser Bowls and impellers are made of virgin PPO matrerial for best wear resistance & strength for long maintenance free service and consistency in performance.
  • All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for low noise and longe bush bearing life.
  • Motor body with stator varnihed by vacuum impregnated plant to resist against corrosion & excessive heat in case.
  • Internal surfaces of the all parts are protected from rusting with special coating for longer life.
  • Light weigth hence easy to istall and under water operation hence no noise.
  • Better outer aesthetics with durable paint protection.
  • Pump & Motor are packed with adequate fitments to avoid damage while reach to end user.
  • All components are machined on CNC machines with very close tolerances which reduces noise,vibrationd,wearing,current , heat ultimately product life.



  • Drinking water needs in cities and villages.
  • Water supply for dairies, breweries and mineral water bottling and pouch plants.
  • Irrigation -open , drip or sprinkling system in gardening, agriculture ,forestry as for fist ponds.
  • Waterworks, private households and small farms.
  • Cooling & pressure boosting system in industrial application.
  • Also suitable for un cleared & crooked 4" bore well.