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Electric Motor Single Phase & Three Phase

Salient Features

  • Motors are available in a wide range from frame size 63 (0.50 HP) to 180 L(3.0 HP) in 2,4,6, and 8 pole design for 3 Phase supply and frame size 80 (0.50 HP) to 112 M (3.0 HP) in 2,4 and 6 pole design for 1 Phase supply. We take interest and pride to develop special motors as per customer's specific need.
  • Standard Followed : All the motors are manufactured as per for electrial parameters and mechanical dimensions are as per
  • Ratings : Motors are rated for continuous duty  at a surrounding temperature of 40 degree Celsius and a height of up to 1000 m above sea level.
  • Voltage and Frequency : Motors are designered for 415 volts +/- 6% for 3 Phase supply and 220 volts +/- 6% for 1 Phase supply.
  • Insulation Quality : Motors are manufactured with insulation Class 'B' , Class 'F' & 'H' are provided if ordered.
  • Winding : Modified polyester enameled copper wire which is tested as Quality is used for winding of all motors. Additionally high dielectric and mechanical strength material is used for slot insulation.
  • Stator : Electrical stampings are of CRNO material with grade M-47 , C-6 coating with lower losses.
  • Rotor and Shaft : Pressure aluminium die casted rotors and shaft of EN-8D steel material is provided in all motors. All rotors are dynamically balanced for low vibration and long bearing life.
  • Bearing : SKF or equivalent imported bearing are used and mounted on shaft by induction heating procedure for smooth running,low noise and long life.
  • Motor Body and Covers : These are made of graded C.I casting material for required strength and reliaility. Motor body with external fins increase heat dissipation rate, thus improving motor life.
  • Assembling : Assembling is done on horizontal hydraulic press for perfect fitment and best alignment of shaft with bearings which is never possible in manual fitting thus improved quality & life by proper assembling.
  • Inspection & Testing : All components are manufactured and inspected as per ISO : 9001-2008 quality system on latest precision machineries and calibrated instruments t give years of maintenance free operation. All motors are tested as per relevant Indian.


  • Used as prime mover for all kinds of machine tools such as Lathes,Drills,Grinders etc.
  • Used for Compressors,Lifts,Hoists,Cranes Extruders etc.
  • Used for running bare pumps for Domestic , Industrial or Agricultural purpose.